Yoga in Älmhult

Älmhult beginners - Yoga and deep relaxation

3 Feb - 7 Apr 2022
1400 / 1120 SEK

This course will be taught in English.

Practical info

  • Bring loose clothing, a mattress or a thick blanket to do yoga on, and a thin blanket for the deep relaxation.
  • We recommend to use a slightly thicker yoga mat if possible. If you don’t have this you can use for instance a padded duvet, or buy a yoga mat from our web shop.
  • Make sure not to eat anything big 3-4 hours before the class.
  • For everybody’s comfort we ask you not to wear perfume or perfumed products.
  • You do not need any water bottle.
  • The reduced price is available if you are a student, 25 or younger, unemployed, or retired. If you are under 20 you pay half of the full price.


Due to Covid-19 we are taking in fewer participants than normal, so that we can keep distance.
If you feel ill, please stay at home.