Satsang & Kirtan

with Swami Janakananda
& Swami Ma Sita Savitri  

Sunday 26 May 15:00 - approx. 18:00
Frejgatan 43, Stockholm

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15.00 - approx. 16.00 with Swami Ma Sita Savitri

Meditative songs from the Indian kirtan tradition

"Taking part in kirtan and dance increases the awareness of who you are and, with meditation, it can open the door to your innermost identity."
(Swami Ma Sita Savitri, in the article "The power of music, song and dance".)

Swami Ma Sita Savitri teaches at Haa International Retreat Center in Småland. She is an excellent singer and often leads evenings of song and dance on the longer retreats at the retreat center.


16.00 - approx. 18.00 with Swami Janakananda

Conversations on yoga and meditation

Ask questions, or just come and listen.
Swami Janakananda will talk and answer questions about classical yoga and tantric meditation. The Satsang will end with a guided meditation.

"I do not think I need to teach any sort of philosophy or idealism. It would just be one more thing to discuss and disagree about. What is to discuss about an experience that gives you more energy, greater calm? "

“The mystic experience remains the same from culture to culture, from age to age, everywhere on earth. It is based on a search, on methods and on real knowledge.”

"Behind much of yogic philosophy, behind much occult talk, behind much doomsday worship and sectarianism, there is often a desperate desire to be somewhere else, to get away as soon as possible to something other than the present. People talk of "the spiritual" and "the other side", but where are you in all this, where do you find peace?
(From Swami Janakananda's book "Yoga, Tantra and Meditation in Daily Life").

Swami Janakananda founded the Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School in 1970 and leads the school’s training of yoga and meditation teachers.
His work has strongly influenced the spread of yoga and meditation in Northern Europe and he is internationally in demand as a meditation teacher, lecturer and author.
He lives at Haa Retreat Center, where he teaches Kriya Yoga and other advanced tantric meditations.