Meditation course in Stockholm 7 - 22 Nov. 2018

Meditation with Swami Janakananda

When I am unaware, automatically I react to what I experience. By sheer habit I tense, let myself be carried away by a mood or maintain an attitude of rejection.

However, does it help to be critical or to fight oneself? In this meditation, you begin by learning to experience yourself and your surroundings in a new way - and it relaxes you. You come to terms with your mind, acknowledge your thoughts and emotions, and may learn to think creatively.

A thorough knowledge of the mind gives you self-confidence and openness towards others.

Inner Silence

“In meditation you undergo a process, not of self-analysis but self-perception. It is in this, that meditation goes beyond the psychoanalysis of modern psychology. You do not merely analyse yourself; you see yourself.”  (Swami Satyananda)

Inner Silence (Antar Mauna) is a meditation from the Tantric science; we teach it in seven parts. Practice and guidance gradually evolves into one continuous experience, your meditation.

Inner Silence is based on fundamental techniques and an attitude that opens up a way to master your life and get that edge of energy, which enables you to do what you want - a method also about accepting life and growing with it. What does it mean to be a whole human being, with an integrated personality - to live and act from what is truly you? Effective mental training, a growing awareness and an experience of your true identity is part of the different steps of this meditation.


Even the wise man forgets himself.
What makes him wise is,
that he knows, how to return to himself.
(The Upanishads)

The meditation Returning builds on a fundamental principle in tantric meditation. Returning relates to the meditation Inner Silence, but with an essential difference in its approach. Knowing both meditations and understanding their differences, however, the two meditations enhance each other, when you discover in each their specific character.

“The meditation Returning has grown forth over the many years I have been teaching meditation, based on the wish to create an easily accessible method that I can guide at satsangs, lectures and meditation courses.”  (Swami Janakananda)

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra (meditative deep relaxation) works precisely on body and mind. It is the oldest and most extensive relaxation in the world. Step by step, it reaches from the coarsest to the most deep-seated, finest tensions. A part of Yoga Nidra influences the muscles, another the blood vessels and the blood pressure, other parts influence the nerves and relaxes the mind.

Some people feel more fit when they come out of the Yoga Nidra relaxation. Others have keener senses, or they lose their insomnia. Yoga Nidra builds upon a profound knowledge: You realise, that you do not have to tense in order to keep experiences and memories at bay from consciousness; you release and drop the tensions and inhibitions in a harmonious way.

The deep effect that you experience during Yoga Nidra makes it more than a mere relaxation; it becomes an experience of the meditative state. You get an opportunity to reach through to the dormant parts of your brain with a new and fresh resolution. For what does it help to want to achieve something, when the subconscious resists?

Inner Silence, Returning and Yoga Nidra

Inner Silence, Returning and Yoga Nidra can lead you to real insight. It is not important if you know other meditations. These methods have something to give to anyone who works with personal growth and self-knowledge or who just wants to learn to relax.

Yoga begins by releasing your tensions. During the meditation, you weed out the causes.

When you no longer regard a situation, a state or an idea as permanent or all-decisive, when you remain yourself in the middle of the experience, then it can no longer bind you.

Swami Janakananda

What is special about Swami Janakananda's way of teaching? The answer may lie in the secret of the Tantric tradition, that it makes use of the situation here and now, of you just the way you are, not demanding that you first have to change something. Here we begin, from here, the meditation grows: the room you are sitting in, your body and senses.

Swami Janakananda's teaching in this course consists of practical guidance of the meditation and relaxation, and lectures and discussion.

More details about Swami Janakananda.

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