Info concerning the new corona virus

We run most of our courses as usual, with extra thorough cleaning and disinfection twice a day. We are limiting the size of the groups and have plenty of space in the yoga rooms. For increased hygiene, we ask all students to bring a clean towel or bed sheet to cover the mattress with. If you forget to bring one, you may borrow a small towel from us. (We wash and change mattress covers often, however, we don’t have the possibility to change them between each class.)

Please be considerate to each other!
– Wash your hands often and thoroughly, especially before the start of the class.
– In case you feel ill, have a cold or cough, please stay at home until two days after all symptoms have disappeared.
– If you sneeze or cough during a class, please do it in the crook of your elbow.
Please NOTE!: We reserve the right to send home a student if he/she has a cold or coughs a lot.

Please check the recommendations from the Public Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten):
Protect yourself and others from spread of infection 
FAQ about COVID-19

During the spring, summer and autumn we will be increasing the possibility to make up for missed classes.
If you need to cancel a course, we offer you more favourable conditions than usual.

We might need to make changes in the course schedule or temporarily close the school with short notice – this might be due to few course participants, lack of teachers or new general outlines from the authorities. Information about any changes will be published on our website, and if you are enrolled on a course, we will inform you by email.

For the moment, we don’t offer the possibility to do nose cleansing on our premises, but we recommend you to do it at home in order to prevent and alleviate common cold etc.

We check the recommendations of The Public Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten) on a regular basis.

With kind regards,
The yoga teachers